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Analyze and explain the last five years of employment data available in the Executive and Legislative and Judicial Branch categories

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Analyze and explain the last five years of employment data available in the Executive and Legislative and Judicial Branch categories. Predict and justify your position by stating what the available data may indicate in the next five years.

Please provide any references used.



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The employment data available in the executive and legislative is determined.

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Analysis of Last Five Years of Employment Data
The government of United States is made by two main branches that are executive and legislative and judicial branch. The employment data of last five year show continues improvement in the executive branch till 2010, but reduced in 2011. Continues improvement in employment rate displays that the people are getting interest in executive branch. It is also analyzed that the reason of increasing rate of employment is new entrants. Reduction in employment rate may also have some reasons that are included as reentrants, job leavers, and job losers (U.S. Office of Personnel Management). All these data include civilian employment of full-time permanent, temporary, part-time, and intermittent employees. This branch does not include U.S. Postal Service, Legislative or Judicial branches, and intelligence agencies.

On the other hand, federal emplacement of legislative and judicial branch also increased till 2011 excluding year 2011. This branch category is related to federal government of United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). In 2010, the number of employment personnel legislative and judicial branch had been decreased due to increasing ...

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