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Corporate goals

Being able to articulate corporate goals and objectives is a key management skill. Develop an exercise for your management training program that challenges the participants to restate the goals of other companies, in practice for articulating those of Washington-Jones.

Find three organizations that have corporate goals or objectives stated in their web sites. Evaluate these goals according to the characteristics of well-defined goals. In your training documentation, present your evaluation of the goals. You may restate them as you deem necessary.

I have done my best attempt at analyzing goals for the scenario organization which is the following:

You are the manager of training and development for Washington-Jones Inc., a growing business consulting firm. Your job is to provide technical skills and enrichment training for the company's employees, as well as, new employee orientation classes. You have been asked by the CEO to develop a management track of training, which potential supervisors, managers and project leaders must complete before stepping into those roles. Additionally, present managers will be required to attend this training within one year.

The company in its early days operated in a traditional manner, organizing departments along functional lines; however, it has since discovered that a matrix structure better fits the consulting nature of the firm. The company has placed high value on making work meaningful for its employees, believing this will foster creativity and innovation. The company culture encourages a team orientation.

As the manager of training and development, your job tasks are to understand the roles of a manager and a leader, as well as, develop and present a management track of training which will include the training on corporate values and goals, organizational structures and culture, software tools, communication, motivation, and the implementation of change.


Task - To provide
What - Excellence, innovation, transitional knowledge, and skills that can transition your company
Who - The knowledgeable, technically advanced and creative personnel
Time Frame - Within one business quarter after inception of our services
Deadline - ?

Attached is a sample from other companies.


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I. Strategic Planning
Amidst fierce competition in any segment of business, enterprises need identifying and formulating their goals in order to guide their actions. In a management point of view, the initiative refers to strategic planning.
The creation of such planning is important for companies since it becomes a first but critical step to develop, implement, and achieve goals and objectives. There are three kinds of strategic planning: goals and objectives, mission statements, and vision statements.
Concerning the strategic planning, this paper will elaborate the importance of corporate goals and objectives as they become increasingly important as part of management skills. The case study in this paper is Washington-Jones, Inc., a growing business consulting firm. In addition, this paper will also analyze the formulation of corporate goals of three companies; the chosen companies are TSO, NEC Corporation, and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust.

II. Goals and Objectives
II.1 Understanding Goals and Objective
In the business world, we often encounter many differences between the current and future states, which further become a gap. In order to minimize the gap, a company should, therefore, define a company's objectives and goals clearly.
In business terminology, goals are defined as statements that are formulated and lack of specificity while objectives are likely to appear in exact form ("Strategic Planning"). Goals statements compose of five elements: task, what, who, timeframe and deadline (Lukaszewski, 1990)
For example, a company's goal, say Vodafone, might be simply written "to achieve the sales target next year". While the goal statement is mistakenly written, the good one is "to record $850 million of sales in 2007".
In ...

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