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Continuous and Discrete Variables

The marketing department likes to know patterns about the consumers who call the 1-800 phone bank with questions/problems.

You meet with them to discuss the matter. Suggest at least 3 quantitative objects that you should keep track about each caller and/or their behavior with respect to the snack food category and indicate if each variable is continuous or discrete.

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I would choose age as a variable, along with number of times a week or month the person buys a snack food, and number of snack foods bought when shopping. All of these point directly to important information in forming a good quantitative study.

Discrete variables are those with a finite number. If you are concerned with numbers of days of the week, then this is a ...

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The 253-word solution gives a discussion on the differences and uses of continuous and discrete variables in statistics for customers calling a firm's questions hotline. 1 reference included.