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Caterpillar - Strengths and weaknesses

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Internal Analysis of CAT Inc:

It is important to conduct an internal analysis to find the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Please provide a 2-3 (double spaced) page response to the following questions:

1) What are the two or three biggest strengths the organization has that allow it to make the company's vision come to fruition?

2) What are its main competitive advantages? Every organization wants to rank among the best of their peers.

3) What internal weaknesses can you find?

This response should include:

An introduction stating the thesis, position, or central theme you plan to take in your paper, a main body discussing focusing on the key assignment specifications, and a conclusion concisely stating the main points of your analysis and the conclusions you reached.

***Be sure to document your sources and provide in-text citations whenever you use information you obtained from a background reading or other outside source, as well as a separate reference list at the end of the paper in APA format.

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The article looks at the strengths and weaknesses of Caterpillar a leading construction and mining equipment manufacturer. The article goes on to look at the competitive advantages that Caterpillar posseses, over its competitors.

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Caterpillar, Inc. Write a paper in APA format analyzing and answering the following questions. In addition, it is helpful to use the Internet to search for information on Caterpillar Inc. Finally, using the corporate website will provide great insight into the organization, its products, and marketing strategy.

(1) Why was Caterpillar able to meet Japanese competition and succeed where other major US manufacturers failed?

(2) What did Caterpillar do that the big three US automakers have not done?

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(a) Are there other major growth opportunities in the domestic market which have not been identified by Caterpillar?

(b) If the US market is close to saturation, should Caterpillar maintain the majority of its manufacturing operations in the US?

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(8) Caterpillar, Inc. has had severe labor difficulties during the past decade. What can the company do to establish a more cooperative environment in its US factories?

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