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    Cardinal Health Employee Practices

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    I need help analyzing how rewards and performance practices work in Cardinal Health.

    1....Conduct and evaluates the current reward structure in Cardinal Health, be sure to examine both monetary and non-monetary rewards?

    2....Evaluate the effectiveness of these rewards on performance. Additionally, assess how this reward system motivates (or fails to motivate) employees at Cardinal Health?

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    Cardinal Health (Cardinal) is a leader in the industry, ranging in the top 50 employers (Cardinal Health, n.d.). The health giant has both a national and international presence and they operate with a leadership-example mindset in the health sector. The staff at Cardinal Health prides themselves in the leadership qualities of its employees that are hired to perform with a self-accountable and self-autonomous mindset ...

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    This document contains data on Cardinal Health and employee practices in the health industry. Employee appreciation and valued customer service are also included. Effectiveness of rewards on performances are evaluated.