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Business Planning Process

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What is the business planning process? What is the value of a business plan?

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The business planning process is a multi-step process that is used when beginning a business venture. The steps generally follow the same pattern in terms of content, although the actual steps may be worded slightly differently based on the actual business type. More extensive analysis may be needed in certain industries that are already in turmoil, which one chooses to enter, when compared to entering into a stable business industry. Therefore, additional steps may be required to ensure that the business plan is as comprehensive as possible. Generally, all business planning processes start with gathering data. It is in this ...

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This solution explains the business planning process and the value of having a business plan.

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I have been elected by the senior management group of EMMI, Switzerland's number one dairy producer (www.emmi.ch) to set up a manufactoring and distribution plant in Russia for our EMMI Coffee. The choice of Russia is fixed, since the company wants to profit from the high labor knowledge and the low salary costs.
I need to present the senior management a plan with my different steps and how concretely I will set up the plant, at which location, why, and where I will hire the personnel, what about logistics etc.

YOUR task: write an marketing and management plan, using key elements to convice the management team that the location choice is the best and that you thought of all the details. The report should take the marketing and management aspects into consideration.


Additional Informations: www.emmi.ch, amount to invest: 10 Mio. USD, SWOT, PEST Analysis, Marketingplan, Managementplan (evt. HRM plan), Different recommondation (Advatages/Disadvan.), Conclusion

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