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    Tools and Techniques for Organizational Strategic Planning

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    Describe how quality is linked to the organization's strategic plan and strategic objectives.

    Provide an analysis of a process improvement plan that the organization currently utilizes.

    Include examples of the tools and techniques used to measure quality and customer satisfaction within your selected

    Identify who has ultimate responsibility for quality assurance.

    Explain the extent to which the organization's process improvement plan is related to the organization's strategic plan.

    The organization I pick is Smith Systems Consulting; The Smith Systems consulting is about designing web sites and
    network application.

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    1) An organization's strategic planning process involves: a. The mission of the company-the purpose of the company's existence, where the company is headed, what the company believes in. b. The company's objectives/standards-those are the measurable goals that the company plans to achieve. c. A situation analysis-How the company plans to get to where it's going (e.g. identify factors such as key staff, brand awareness, exclusive contracts, etc...). d. Implementation-How the company plans to monitor progress towards achieving its goals e. Control-Monitoring, measuring and evaluating what's working and what isn't. Therefore, an organization that focuses on quality will develop an effective mission statement, will encourage customer centered goals, will carefully study ways by which those goals should be achieved and ensure that good results are produced, and finally, will enforce good practices and improve outdated ones.

    2) A process improvement plan that Smith Systems Consulting currently utilizes is monitor the quality of its interactions with all its customers, thereby treating all of them the same. Although the company serves small, medium and large corporations, they have been able to provide the same quality and attention to all those corporations (customers and consumers). Therefore, one can say that they have set customer centered goals. Their main purpose for doing so was to be successful by offering products and services that customers will want. This means money has not been their priority, but rather customer satisfaction has. Their basis is that Consumers want to ...

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