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Implementing strategy with Challenges

1.List three opportunities and three threats that could represent key factors facing your college or university. Briefly state your view of what institution should do in light of these factors.

2.Explain the concept of protectionism. Describe at least one impact to international business strategy.

3.What is the essence of the global challenge facing American firms? Describe how the challenge is different for companies headquartered in other countries.

4.Identify at least one potential disadvantage to initiating, continuing, and/or expanding international operations. Identify one action that you would recommend in order to overcome this disadvantage.

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1. The three opportunities facing my college are: The College should build a new teaching block on campus, the college should begin distance education program, and the college should organize training programs for company employees. The three threats facing my college are: it faces the threat of high competition from a new college in the same area, the college faces threat of lower local students because of closing down of two manufacturing plants in the area, and the college faces the threat of fewer students as banks turn reluctant to give student loans. My college has a good reputation and it should begin distance education program, and organize training programs for ...

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