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Financial Management

Were any stock options exercised? Which financial statement did you find this information? What are the components of this financial statement?

500 words answer.

Cash Flows from Operating Activities
Net income $ 45,901 $ 41,522 $ 26,920
Adjustments to reconcile to cash flows from operations 75,629 70,116 62,051
Net cash provided by operating activities 121,530 111,638 88,971
Cash Flows from Investing Activities
Net cash paid for property and equipment (162,895) (113,806) (72,713)
Cash paid for business acquisitions (27,036) (161,108) (32,581)
Net cash used in investing activities (189,931) (274,914) (105,294)
Cash Flows from Financing Activities
Net cash from issuing (repurchasing) common stock (6,591) 132,978 3,472
Amounts borrowed (paid) for other financing activities 96,325 13,095 17,772
Net cash provided by financing activities 89,734 146,073 21,244
Net increase in cash 21,333 (17,203) 4,921
Cash at beginning of year 13,878 31,081 26,160
Cash at end of year $ 35,211 $ 13,878 $ 31,081
Supplemental Disclosure of Cash Flows
Cash paid during the period for interest $ 8,675 $ 5,567 $ 10,231
Cash paid during the period for income taxes $ 5,699 $ 8,689 $ 0

Years are as follow: 2003, 2002, 2001.

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Review of Cash Flow Statement


Stock option is a type of the financial instrument that is sold by a party to another party. It gives the right to the holder to buy or sell the stock at current price, at a specified future date. The cash flow statement explains that the company exercises stock option. The amount of the issue of common stock is the amount of the stock option for the company. The financing activities of the cash flow include information about the stock option. The amount of the stock option in the year 2001 was $3472 that has increased to $132978 in the year 2002. The amount of repurchasing of the common stock was $6591 for the year 2003.

The statement of cash flow includes all type of the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 516 Words, APA References