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Country Analysis of Chile

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I need help to discuss a country analysis for Chile including physical environment and its effect on trade- Social, health, and environmental conditions as well as cultural considerations.

I plan to introduce a soft drink via Coke a Cola.

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//Before stating about the selected country; i.e. Chile, we need to first provide an overview about the location and geography of the nation. After that, we move on to the analysis of the country. The product to be introduced in Chile also has to be talked about. This will only determine the success rate of the product in Chile. //

The geographical location of Chile is South America. Chile has a strong economy and it is increasing day by day. It exports copper, mineral forestry products, seafood and fresh fruit. Chile shows an increasing trend in the export and import. The energy resources in the country are limited; that's why Chile imports the energy. Liquefied natural gas and oil are the main materials, which are imported by Chile.

//After a short introduction about Chile, we start with the culture of the country and the people living in the ...

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