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    After tax cash flow operation (CFAT) & Return on Equity

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    Clopper corporation has income statement balance of the following; Sale $4,360,060, Income tax od $ 537103, selling and administrative expense of $243,305, Depreciation of 349,673, Cost of good sold of 2868080, and Interest expense of $101,400
    Calculate the after tax cash flow operation?

    Robert company has a turnover of 8.42, net profit margin of 4.08 and total asset to equity ratio is 1.8.
    calculate Robert Return on Equity;

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    Clopper after tax cash flow operation = Net Income + Depreciation

    Net Income = Sale $4,360,060 - Income tax of $ 537103 - selling and administrative expense of ...

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    Calculation of after tax cash flow operation (CFAT) and return on equity are provided.