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    Finance: Millman EBIT, ROE, capital structure, Jones recapitalization, Tapley stock price

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    1. Millman Electronics will produce 60,000 stereos next year. Variable costs will equal 50% of sales, while fixed costs will total $120,000. At what price must each stereo be sold for the company to achieve an EBIT of $95,000?

    $6.57 $6.87 $7.17 $7.47 $7.77

    2. Firms A and B are identical except for their level of debt and the interest rates they pay on debt. Each has $2 million in assets, $400,000 of EBIT, and has a 40% tax rate. However, firm A has a debt-to-assets ratio of 50% and pays 12% interest on its debt, while Firm B has a 30% debt ratio and pays only 10% interest on its debt. What is the difference between the two firms' ROEs?

    1.25% 1.91% 2.23% 2.64% 2.86%

    3. The firm's target capital structure is consistent with which of the following?

    Maximum earnings per share (EPS).

    Minimum cost of debt (rd).
    Highest bond rating.
    Minimum cost of equity (rs).
    Minimum weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

    4. Jones Co. currently is 100% equity financed. The company is considering changing its capital structure. More specifically, Jones' CFO is considering a recapitalization plan in which the firm would issue long-term debt with a yield of 9% and use the proceeds to repurchase common stock. The recapitalization would not change the company's total assets nor would it affect the company's basic earning power, which is currently 15%. The CFO estimates that the recapitalization will reduce the company's WACC and increase its stock price. Which of the following is also likely to occur if the company goes ahead with the planned recapitalization?

    The company's net income will increase.

    The company's earnings per share will decrease.

    The company's cost of equity will increase.

    The company's ROA will increase.

    The company's ROE will decrease.

    5. Tapley Inc. currently has assets of $5 million, zero debt, is in the 40% federal-plus-state tax bracket, has a net income of $1 million, and pays out 40% of its earnings as dividends. Net income is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5 percent per year, 200,000 shares of stock are outstanding, and the current WACC is 13.40%.

    The company is considering a recapitalization where it will issue $1 million in debt and use the proceeds to repurchase stock. Investment bankers have estimated that if the company goes through with the recapitalization, its before-tax cost of debt will be 11%, and its cost of equity will rise to 14.5%.

    a. What is the stock's current price per share (before the recapitalization)?
    b. Assuming the company maintains the same payout ratio, what will be its stock price following the recapitalization?

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