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    Peabody Limited Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured COGS

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    Peabody Limited. incurred the following costs during March:

    Raw materials purchased $46,800
    Direct labor (9,200 hours) 156,400
    Manufacturing overhead (actual) 83,000
    Selling expenses 47,400
    Administrative expenses 32,600
    Interest expense 14,800

    Manufacturing overhead is applied on the basis of $8.50 per direct labor hour. Assume that overapplied or underapplied overhead is transferred to cost of goods sold only at the end of the year. During the month, 3,500 units of product were manufactured and 3,400 units of product were sold. On March 1 and March 31, Peabody carried the following inventory balances:

    March 1 March 31
    Raw materials $14,200 $15,400
    Work-in-process 64,700 55,800
    Finished goods 32,400 40,660

    A) Prepare a Statement of Cost of Goods Manufactured for the month of March, and calculate the average cost per unit produced.
    B) Calculate the cost of goods sold during March.
    C) Where in the financial statements will the difference between cost of goods manufactured and cost of goods sold be classified?

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