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Ending inventory,COGS and Net income under the FIFO method

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Purchases: July 15
5500 units
$9.00 per unit
November 12 Spark Company's inventory records show the following data
Inventory, January 1, 2013
6,000 units
3500 units
$8.00 per unit

A physical inventory on December 31 2013 shows 4,000 units on hand. Spark sells the units for $18 each. The company has an effective tax rate of 20%. Spark uses the periodic inventory method.
Under the FIFO method, calculate ending inventory at Dec 31st 2013, cost of goods sold and present statement of income for the period ended 31st December 2013 in the proper form.

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Periodic system-FIFO
Cost of Goods available for sale
Date Explanation Units Unit cost Total cost
01-Jan Beginning inventory 6000 10 $60,000
15-Jul Purchase 5500 9 $49,500
12-Nov Purchase 3500 8 $28,000
Total 15000 $137,500

Ending inventory ...

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The solution contains step by step calculations of Ending inventory under periodic system using the FIFO method. It also covers calculations of cost of goods sold on the basis of cost of goods available for sale and ending inventory. Further statement showing per-tax and after-tax net income is provided.