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Workplace Security: Five types of risk, management techniques

Workplace Security

Describe five types of risk and discuss management techniques for eliminating, reducing, or mitigating each type of risk type. For each risk type describe the process for analyzing needs identified through a risk assessment.

They are Pure Risk, Dynamic Risk, Speculative Risk, Static Risk, and Inherent Risk Pages 176 & 177

Ortmeier, P. J., (2009), Introduction to Security: Operations and Management, (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

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Workplace Security:

There are five types of risk: pure risk, dynamic risk, speculative risk, static risk and inherent risk. Pure risk is the risk where the only possible outcome can be a loss or no loss without any possibility of a beneficial outcome. This kind of risk is beyond a person's control and the main ways that management can reduce or mitigate this kind of risk through insurance coverage based on expected losses. Needs can be identified through certain areas being averse to pure risk and the level of its impact. Static risks ...

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The following posting addresses workplace security problems. Concepts discussed include types of risk ad management techniques.