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Project Management Risk Assessment Techniques

Please provide examples of how project risk assessment techniques can be applied to a project in the health care field. Thank You!

Please provide examples of risks that fit into the major categories such as production failure, scheduling errors, or anything else you might consider a risk. Could you please also suggest ways that a rating could be assigned to quantity the severity of the risk. Thank you!

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What exactly is the risk and its parameters?
1. The Diagnostic equipment which has been ordered becomes outdated and cannot be used competitively.
2. The design of the OT is not acceptable to the senior doctors and may have to be reconstructed at a very high cost.
3. The location of the proposed hospital is inconvenient to patients and leads to severe under use of capacity. This problem needs to be addressed at the definition phase.
How serious are these to the project?
1. The diagnostic equipment has to be reordered at higher than estimated cost leading to project cost overrun.
2. The poor design of the OT ...

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The expert examines project management risk assessment techniques. The quantity and severity of the risk is found.