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    Cognitive Science

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    You have a great deal of freedom with this project, so be creative and choose a topic that you will enjoy researching. Also, you may want to think about a topic that is pertinent to your current and/or future career goals.

    *Note: Every student in the course must have a unique and individual topic

    Brainstorm Possibilities

    Think about What were some interesting subjects that you would like to dive deeper into?
    If you are currently working, what company are you working for? What is your position? Are there any aspects of your job that you could address, positive or negative? Perhaps you can come up with process improvements and solutions.
    You are welcome to survey the literature on a business-related topic of interest.
    Pick a company to analyze. Perhaps one that you currently work at or interested in working at in the future.Compare and contrast two companies or two industries if you'd like.
    Create a business or marketing plan.
    Introduce a new product.

    I personally love doing research in the medical field; but need help on what i should write about, Please help me choose a topic and answer the following questions,:

    What is your topic?
    Why is it of interest to you?
    What prior experience/research do you have regarding this topic?
    What is the Theme/Slant?
    What is Your Research Question?

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    How about looking into the topic of cognitive science. It is a new and exciting part of the medical research field and envelopes many different disciplinary approaches.

    Cognitive science is defined as "the scientific study either of mind or of intelligence" (Luger). It is an interdisciplinary field encompassing biology, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. Cognition is the specific term used to describe the ways in which humans process information and then apply that information to varying situations and preferences. More correctly, cognition is "any kind of mental operation or structure that can be studied in precise terms" (Lakoff and Johnson).

    Biologists, philosophers, and socio-psychologists ...

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