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Effect of the CPSC and FDA in ensuring product safety

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The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the FDA are two important agencies charged with protecting the U.S. public.

1. How have the CPSC and the FDA affected you as a consumer? Give at least three specific examples. In your opinion, how effective are these agencies in ensuring product safety and quality?

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The solution examines the effect of the CPSC and FDA in ensuring product safety and quality.

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The Consumer Products Safety Commission helps us as consumers understand when there is a recall or a product. http://www.cpsc.gov/ is a wealth of information.

1) Read up on unsafe products.

This is one of the major ways that the CPSC has an effect on our life. It keeps us safe from unsafe products. For example at this URL: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08063.html we learn that a toy kitchen has been recalled due to the fact that a child can choke on a small part that can come off of the toy. Now, not ever single product might not be broken, however, even if there is a slight chance that this could happen, we need to protect the safety of our kids from chocking.

The website has taught us to be more aware of recalls. It lists all of the different categories of recalls, and allows the consumer to search through the list. Therefore, if a person wants to buy a used toy kitchen, they know that it has been recalled and should not be purchased for their kids.

On the home page, it also lists ...

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