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NYSE and NASDAQ: Explain the similarities and the differences in the two exchanges.

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I'm supposed to give a "talk" on how the NYSE & NASDAQ are similar (if at all)? How the two exchanges are different from one another (if at all)?

Have either of the two exchanges taken any measures to allay concerns of its investers? Explain your answer?

What is "day Trading" and "program Trading? Define each.

Please write the question then the answer. Please reference the information.

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The well-cited solution provides more than adequate references for discussion and review beyond the information written by the OTA.

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For information on what measures the two exchanges have taken to allay concerns of its investors it is best to go the web site for each of these exchanges. Both are aware and should be aware and have taken steps to ensure investor confidence.

For the NYSE - here is one: http://www.nyse.com/content/articles/1085652882661.html. In this one the CEO is speaking of investor confidence.

For the NASDAQ: ...

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