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    Diamond Foods Inc. accounting policies

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    Accounting policies of assets, liabilities, revenue recognition policies and changes in accounting policies of Diamond Foods Inc.

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    Diamond 2010 Annual report

    These policies are found in the first footnote of the financial statements (page 20 of the report).
    I uploaded the report for you.
    I don't see any changes in accounting policies.

    Here are some key policies reported:

    Cash and Cash Equivalents:

    Cash and cash equivalents include investment of surplus cash in securities (primarily money market funds) with maturities at date of purchase of three months or less.

    All inventories are accounted for at the lower of ...

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    Your response includes the annual report for Diamond Foods, key policies from their footnote on accounting policies (exact quotes from annual report) as well as guidance on which page to go review to read for yourself these policies.