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Analyzing markets with envioronmental scan

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I am looking for an example to follow so I can do one of my own. The example doesn't need to follow the usual conventions of a case study type paper. I need to do an environmental analysis and provide a sentence or two explaining 2 sources in a PEST analysis with 2 sources for each variable and 2 sources for each of Porter's Forces. How do I do this and what would it look like? If I have an idea of what this might look like or what I should do, I can do one of my own and be able to write it correctly.

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Environmental scan is a valuable tool for a company to analyze markets and then formulate strategic direction as well as operational methods to identify its market niche, increase its market share and become a market leader.

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Government data sources, articles and research reports in periodicals and books, and marketing research provide a range of information about customers (needs/wants), companies, industries, economies, population, business activities, nations, and so on so forth in the marketplace.

The general and competitive environments can be depicted by the following components which influence Porter's five forces model of competition-
1. Demographics - ...

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