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The IT, Identity Crisis & the IT Professionals Today

What is the state of the present Information Technology field?
Is is true that there is a real IT identity crisis in the present world today?
Do Information Technology professionals understand where they fit in the organization today?
How can IT professionals maintain their marketability despite the outsourcing industry?

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The IT identity crisis pertains to the problems of Information Technology workers with regards to offshore outsourcing, which is the cause of the displacement of some IT professionals in the industry. Leading industries and small businesses have resorted to the internet to hire programmers who can do the job for lesser pay, thus leaving most professionals either jobless or misplaced in their area of competence. Another reason for this is the ever-changing technology in which programmers of specific expertise are being called for to do ...

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The solution comprises different opinions on the present state of Information Technology, its identity crisis and what IT Professionals can do to remain competitive in this ever-changing and advancing world. Readings related to this matter have been summarized and some sources can be found to lead the student to more detailed articles related to this subject.