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I will need to make decisions by using the correct evaluate of the decision

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You have recently been hired to a new organization and are sitting in to observe a meeting between one of your co-workers, Milhouse, and a salesman who is trying to sell an additional part to a machine that your company recently purchased. The salesman is well into his routine, and has already gotten your co-worker to admit that a quality product is of utmost importance to the future of the company.

The salesman approaches the topic of price with great skill. "Although this investment may seem substantial at first glance," he admits, "with our extended payment plan, this part will cost you less than 40 cents a day. Why, that's less than a can of soda! Wouldn't you say the future success of your organization is worth more than a daily can of soda?" Having never thought of it in just that way, Milhouse decides to purchase the part.

In order for me to prepare for future situations in this assignment, I will need to make decisions such as these you go back to your office to evaluate the decision and in particular to do the ?

1. Trace the anatomy of your Milhouse's decision.

2.Provide an alternative frame for this situation and discuss how using the alternative frame could influence Milhouse's decision.

3.What are the implications of framing on our judgments and our attempts to influence others? Are there any moral considerations? Why or why not?

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First, the purchase of the original machine with the scope that an add on could be sold at a later date. Second, the need to ascertain the features of the additional part and its function in the manufacturing process. Third, the anxiety of Millhouse to ensure quality production. Fourth, the quality produced before the purchase of the part. Fifth, the perception of improvement promised by the purchase of the part. Sixth, the two aberrations in the salesman's position, was the need for the part mentioned when the machine was purchased and the need for having the part for good quality! Seventh. Millhouse's admitting to the salesman that quality was important. Eight the clever price quotation by the salesman.

Alternate framework for Millhouse should delay the ...

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