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    Technostructural Intervention

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    Please help me with an overview of technostructural intervention. Include the following:

    - topic and description

    - why it is relevant in today's workplace

    - three sources of information.

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    Technostructural Intervention Defined:

    "Structural intervention...changes in how the overall work of the organization is divided into units, who reports to whom, methods of control, the spatial arrangements of equipment and people, workflow arrangements, and changes in communications and the authority." (http://www.ijsrp.org/research_paper_may2012/ijsrp-may-2012-41.pdf).
    ... it can be differentiated from other systems of organizational change by its emphasis on process rather than problems" http://www.ijsrp.org/research_paper_may2012/ijsrp-may-2012-41.pdf).

    Technostructural Intervention is an attempt by an organization to create a long-term change in order to improve processes. It can involve downsizing, re-engineering, and - work design. One or multiple of these methods may be used at any one time.

    Categories of Technostructural Intervention:

    Downsizing is the reduction of an organization's workforce in an attempt to gain better control of the financial health of an organization.
    Often downsizing is paired with outsourcing. There are several reasons for this including "Cost savings, Focus on Core Business, and Cost restructuring" (paraphrased from slide 14 http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/Bharathisunagar-347065-10-techno-structural-interventions-entertainment-ppt-powerpoint/).
    Re-engineering is the redesign of processes in order to make better use of a company's resources. It can involve moving equipment to better facilitate tasks, changing the order in which a product is produced, or how a service is processed. Usually steps are changed, eliminated, and added as part of a Re-engineering evaluation.
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