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    Swaps, Options, Warrants and Other Derivatives Related Questions

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    Can you please give me some high level response to these questions (a couple of sentences is fine)

    Swaps and Interest Rate Options
    - What is an interest rate swap?
    - How do you immunize using interest rate swaps?
    - What is a comparative advantage in credit market?
    - What is a currency swap?
    - What are interest rate collars, swaptions, and interest rate options?

    Swap Pricing
    - How swaps are priced?
    - How are swaps used as forward contracts?
    - What are implied forward rates?
    - How are prices quoted?
    - How are off-market swaps valued?
    - How do you hedge against any shift in the yield curve?

    Other Derivative Assets
    - What are futures Options?
    - How do you speculate with futures options?
    - How do you hedge with futures options?
    - How are futures options priced?
    - What are warrants?
    - How are warrants priced?

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