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    Operations Improvement

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    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. See attached for assignment.


    For this paper you may choose a problem (improvement opportunity) from your current or past employer (names can be changed if anonymity is required). If you do not have any work experience on which to base a case example of your own, think about work you may have performed on a volunteer basis. If you are not able to come up with an example from these resources, contact your instructor for further review.

    The improvement plan should be treated as a problem presented to you by the company's top management for analysis and recommendations for improvement. The plan should demonstrate the qualities of thorough and relevant research, logically sound analysis, and focused professional writing. To complete the improvement plan, your paper should include the following elements:

    1. Overview
    Describe the problem with adequate background information to provide the reader with a good understanding of the dilemma. Include an explanation of how you are familiar with the problem. The problem should focus on one or more of the following operational issues. Identify the issue(s) selected.

    a) Company (or organizational) strategy
    b) Process design
    c) Cost reduction
    d) Quality management concerns
    e) Resource planning
    f) Supply chain management
    g) Lean systems
    h) Capacity issues
    i) Constraint management
    j) Facilities management
    k) Workforce issues

    2.Operational Issue Research
    Conduct online research to locate a resource for the operational issue(s) selected above. Look for a resource that provides more thorough explanation, broader application, more examples, new information and/or a different perspective from what was covered in class.

    Provide a synopsis of the resource selected for each the selected operational issue(s). Include your evaluation of the data, what was learned form the information or why you disagree with the data, as applicable. Include the web address for the resource(s) chosen.

    3.Analysis and Plan
    Your analysis of the problem should demonstrate your knowledge of the topic, ability to uncover the root cause and the quality of your research (including, and in addition to the above research, if applicable). Your analysis should demonstrate critical thinking skills. Provide a plan for improving the problem, addressing the operational issue(s) identified above. Be sure to include the techniques and tools that will be used in the improvement plan.

    4. Summary
    Provide a brief summary, including expected results.

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    Quality Management Concerns:
    The company that I worked for and intend to examine its operations process is a firm that made steelyard type weighing machines. This is one of the products made by the company. The steelyard type platform weighing machines that the company made are in the capacities of 500 lbs. 1000 lbs. and 2000 lbs.

    The process was that cast iron parts were made by an iron foundry and sent to the facility. These cast iron parts were then ground at the facility, holes were drilled at the proper place, machining is done to these cast iron parts and knife bearings forged previously are fitted on the appropriate parts. There is a system of levers that transmits the information of the weight to the steelyard where there are calibrations. The steelyard is made of soft steel and is machined to perfect weight using either a planing machine or a shaping machine. There is a movable weight in the form of an indicator that is moved on the steelyard to bring it to a balance. The cal liberation figure that this indicator shows on the steelyard shows the exact weight of the machine. The quality management problem that has been experienced is that when goods are loaded on the platform they are often thrown onto the platform with far greater force that the capacity of the scale as a result of which one or more of the knife bearings break. The company tried making knife bearings using mild steel and ...

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