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    GAO and audits

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    1. Why is an audit considered to be the final phase of a budgetary process?
    2. Explain the mission of the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
    3. Are program evaluations more likely to be undertaken for political or for managerial reasons, or both? Why?

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    1.Why is an audit considered to be the final phase of a budgetary process?

    While making sure money is where it is supposed to be, that no embezzlement of funds or funds is misspent, the reason most audits was conducted, this has slowly changed focus to other areas of budgets that companies and governments are concerned with. While the tracking of money to make sure it has not been misappropriated or stolen is still important, the processes of the budget and how and when money is spent is equally important today. The process for creating a budget should include making sure enough money is available to meet all the goals for profit and providing goods and services as stated by the company or government. It should also include plans for the implementation of spending and save for the same. All efforts of the processes should be focused on spending the money earned to provide efficiency for the entity. Efficient use of funds requires companies to have in place the checks and balances to track both expenditures and where the expenditures ...

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