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    Add a new location: Tesla's Decision

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    Operations management is a very broad field of study and you have covered a lot of material in the first half of the course.

    Using a real service or manufacturing operation that you have experience with, evaluate the elements that they would have to consider to expand their operation to another facility.

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    Recently, there's been a lot of news about the manufacturing of cars in the news, specifically Tesla so I'm going to talk about expanding Tesla's operations to another facility.

    The first element that you will have to take into account is location. It's important to identify geographical locations that will work for your operations including which location will best serve your clients and your bottom line (Gigerich, 2015).
    With location there's pros and cons to each site selection based off the following elements:

    1. Workforce- A business must know whether or not there will be ample supply of a labor force with both the education or skill sets to accomplish their ...

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    I used the "Manufacturing Operation" of Tesla to show how they choose a new location and the elements they considered before choosing a new location.