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    CIS: Uploading data and its financial impact

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    Describe how uploading data into any CIS has a financial impact on the organization.
    What does it cost to have people analyze the data and produce reports?(short answer).

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    The customer information system (CIS) binds the consumption and metering process to payments, collections, and other downstream processes that affect the company's finances. The CIS is a vital component of the meter to cash value chain for industries that provide metered delivery of commodities. If any data is uploaded into the CIS it has a financial impact on the organization. For instance, if a particular rate is changed, there will be a major financial impact on the organization. Similarly, if price bands for charging customers are changed in the CIS there will be a financial impact. In general, if ...

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    The response provides you a structured explanation of how uploading any data into a CIS can have a financial impact on the organization. It also discusses costs of data analysis and reporting . It also gives you the relevant references.