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Calculating bid price for shirts using NPV

Draw ALL timelines and label them clearly
ALL problems should be done by hand. If you wish to type them out, all formulas, calculations and equations must be shown

Question # 1

Filkins Fabric Company (FFC) needs to provide 8,300 shirts each year to a local organization in Toronto for summer events for the next eight years. The company will require a new printing machine that will be able to print on the shirts. The new printing machine will cost $225,000 including installation and training costs of $17,000. The fixed cost of production are $21,200 and variable costs are $2.65 per shirt. Filkins will require an additional investment, which will lower the company's net working capital by $9,800 in the beginning of the project. The working capital costs will be recaptured at the end of the project's life. FFC assumes a discount rate of 13%, the CCA rate on the equipment is 15%, the tax-rate is 35%, and the machine will have a $6,700 salvage value. What bid price per shirt should Filkins Fabric Company offer to this organization?

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We need to find out the NPV of the project. A selling price which gives NPV=0 would be the minimum bid price that can be offered. This is so because at NPV=0, all the cost are met. NPV less ...

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