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    Calculate the minimum bid value in the given case.

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    A company has posted a request for bid on 230k cases of widgets per year over the next 5 years. Determine what bid price makes the most sense as a potential supplier.

    An Initial investment of 1 million is required to begin production. This investment will be depreciated using the straight line to zero method throughout the course of the project.

    Fixed costs are 410k /yr and variable cost is 8.50 per case.

    A Net working capital investment of 60k will also be required, none of which shall be returned at the end of the project. Assuming a 35% tax rate and a 14% return, what should the bid price be?

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    Initial Investment=1 million=1000 k
    Net working capital required=60k
    Total initial cash outflow=(1000+60)=1060 k

    Depreciation per year=(Initial investment-Salvage)/Useful life=(1000-0)/5 = 200k

    Fixed Cost per year=410 k
    Variable cost per year=230*8.5=1955 k
    Total Cost per ...

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