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Calculate NPV and PV of MT Perry

55000 Current salary Current job Calculate and show formulas
40 Years until retirement After Income
0.03 Salary increase
0.26 Tax rate Present value of salary

Wilton Wilton MBA
65000 Tuition per year PV of tuition & expenses
2500 Books & Supplies
100000 Starting salary PV of lost salary
20000 Signing bonus
0.04 Salary increase Aftertax bonus
0.31 Tax rate
PV of bonus
Mount Perry
75000 Tuition per year Aftertax salary
3500 Books & Supplies
16000 Signing bonus PV of salary in two years
88000 Starting salary
0.035 Salary increase Value of salary today
0.29 Tax rate
PV of attending Wilton
Both schools
3000 Health insurance Mount Perry MBA
2000 Room & board increase PV of tuition & expenses

Discount rate 6.50% PV of lost salary

PV of signing bonus

Aftertax bonus

Aftertax salary

PV of salary in one year

Value of salary today

PV of attending MT Perry

Current job PV minus bonus after Wilton costs

Value in 2 years

Aftertax beginning salary

Pretax beginning salary

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