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State Capitalism

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State Capitalism can boast of having some of the most powerful companies on the planet. Examples include Russia's Gazprom, the world's biggest natural-gas company, and China Mobile, a Chinese company with 600 million customers. Do you think state ownership and control of companies (like the aforementioned examples) in emerging markets is an effective method of corporate governance given that they are backed by the all powerful state but behave like private-sector multinational corporations?

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I think that state ownership and control of companies in emerging markets is an effective method of corporate governance, largely due to the fact that these organizations are backed by the all-powerful state. By being backed by the all-powerful state these organizations have a surefire way of financing their business activities through state sponsorship, which can provide a level of financial support that is unmatched by many private-sector corporations. In addition, the state has a tremendous abundance of resources that can be utilized in helping to ensure that these companies are successful and profitable in the world market. ...

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