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Local laws and Multinational Corporations

What are some ways that local laws can impede a multinational corporation entering into another country (An example of one countries local laws that hinder entry?)

How could a multinational corporation protect itself from government action? Provide scholarly resources and examples to support your conclusions. An example of one countries local laws that hinder entry.

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Local law can impede a multinational corporation from entering into another country. An example of this is India's prevention of foreign firms from having a majority stake in multi-brand stores. This is quite a contested manner, in which some locals feel that by keeping multinational corporations out of the country they are protecting Indian jobs and local Indian mom and pop shops. A new rule has been enacted in which ...

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This solution discusses ways local laws can get in the way of a multinational corporation. It also discusses how a MNC could protect itself from government action. Examples and APA formatted scholarly references are provided.