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    Incentive Programs

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    Many organizations offer incentive programs, such as Degree Completion. The top executive manager in your division has issued the following statement concerning the Degree Completion program, which includes yourself and six other employees:

    "Your names have been forwarded for consideration for covering the tuition costs of your Business degree programs. Unfortunately we have almost four times more costs for all of your programs than we have budget allocation. To assist with my request being sent to higher authority, asking for additional funding, I am asking that each of you provide a written essay."

    Answer the following questions:
    1) How does a Business degree enhance the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of employees?
    2) How does it align to personal goals and vision, and career aspirations?
    3) How will it benefit the organization?
    4) Why do you believe it is a critical part of personal development?

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    A Business Degree

    A business degree not only enhances the student's life but any business that the student decides to apply to and work for. The business degree will enhance the educational and work skills of even those with many years of experience. "Getting a business degree can improve a company's image, improve employee morale, and reduce turnover (McGuffin, 2012)." It increases loyalty and morality. The courses that are taken provide the polish that skilled workers need and fill in the gaps of any information the person may not have learned. They also mitigate any issues by reviewing and then teaching the correct way to perform certain processes. While in the classroom, the students can learn from each other and find out what exactly they may be lacking.

    When a person decides to pursue a degree of any kind, it is the first step in wanting to progress with educational aspirations. Most people have goals and visions of where they would like to ...

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