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Geopolitical risks and trends

What are some issues and trends in global geopolitical risk factors? Why must a company be sensitive to the geopolitical environment within the host country? Name several geopolitical threats and explain how they may influence your success with operations or sales within a host country?

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I am going to provide an overview of the problems. More information that is more complete might be found at the Global Issues website (http://www.globalissues.org/issue/65/geopolitics) or the Beyond Intractability site (http://www.beyondintractability.org/ ). The first is going to pinpoint global places and their geopolitical issues, the second, is where conflict resolution professionals research and maintain information.

The most pressing issue is the growing trend of weapons accessibility to citizens and issues such as piracy, war, and ethnic cleansing. The weapons issues include the expansion of small arms availability. It also concerns the proliferation of land mines and such that make transportation hazardous. Piracy is a real problem in the waters surrounding East Africa into the Middle East and towards India and surrounding lands. There seems to limited efforts to control piracy, though that may be changing, both for companies that use those waters to ship goods and for ...

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A discussion on the risks and trends in the geopolitical climate. Websites for more up to date information are provided.