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    Barclay Capital's Edge over Competitors; Recent development

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    How does Barclays Capital differentiate itself from its competitors?

    Describe a recent development in the Investment Banking industry. What implications might this development have for the Business Analysis Department where you intend to join?

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    Competitive Strengths

    Barclay Capital is the investment banking unit of Barclay's Bank Plc. It has a distinctive business model which provides corporate, financial institutions, governments, and supranational organizations with solutions to their financing and risk management needs. The competitive advantage of the bank lies in the development of cutting-edge technology. This gives BarCap a leading position in the conventional markets. The global platform of BarCap enables it to get large deals which competitors are not able to get. The bank is fully integrated in terms of delivering the product to the customer. Another distinguishing factor of BarCap is the client-focused approach instead of product-centric approach which is followed by most competitors. BarCap is very ...

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    Barclay Capital's edge over competitors are examined. The recent development in the investment banking industry is given.