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    Timbuktu Management Adage

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    Given the management adage that you measure what matters, discuss what matters to Timbuk2.

    Discuss which metrics you might expect to see on Timbuk2 dashboard.

    Why do you think it is important for Timbuk2 to meet so often with its staff -- daily instead of quarterly?

    How would expanding its product line potentially impact sales? Discuss some ideas for potential product lines that Timbuk2 might consider carrying.

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    Given the management adage, "You measure what matters" discuss what matters to Timbuk2.
    What matters to Timbuk2 is its sales volumes, and annual profits. Also, what matters to Timbuk2 is to expand its customer base. What it wants is to find ways of expanding its markets. Currently, Timbuk2 is making custom bags in its facilities in San Francisco. It is seeking to expand its sales by selling in bulk to companies. What matters is that its employees generate new ideas and are innovative.
    Discuss which metrics you might expect to see on Timbuk2's dashboard.
    Timbuk2 dashboard may have several metrics. These will include metrics like on time delivery, reducing average lead time, administrative expense per customer, inventory turnover, employee turnover rate, absenteeism, employee productivity, cross-training of employees, leadership development, annual sales, customer rating of bags supplied, average time from customer contact to delivery, market share, profit/total sales, and return on capital employed.
    The metrics ...

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