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Analysis of two main system development methodologies: LCDM and rapid prototyping

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The two main system development methodologies used today are the life cycle development methodology (LCDM) and rapid prototyping.

a. Describe each approach.
b. Discuss under what situations each should be used.
c. Discuss how users are involved in each approach.

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In an 848 word solution, the two main system development methodologies are discussed in detail noting the differences in the two.

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The life cycle development methodology (LCDM) and rapid prototyping are two approaches that are used today to build and maintain information system. Both methodologies go throughout four phases during their creating: initiation, development, implementation and operation and maintenance. We will consider all stages in order to see the difference between approaches.

a) Life cycle development methodology
The goal of this system is to keep the project under control and assure that an information system is produced to satisfy the requirements. This methodology is useful when you need to control the building the new information system in order to protect from failing or solving the users' problem ineffectively. The project should be divided into several steps that consist of different documents and computer programs. All steps are related to each other and each step is done based on the conclusion of the previous one.

Initiation to using LCDM is usually related to the problem in the organization to be solved and developing information system that can solve these problems. The project initiation can be from IS staff, top manager, or from other employees identified the problem. Users, management or technical staff participate to identify functional specification as well as to project the plan.

The ...

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