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    Outsourcing: Should You Rely on It?

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    Respond to the following two question
    Question 1.As the head of the IT department of a large firm which has new openings, how much would you rely on outsourcing to fill the employee gap?
    Question 2. Problems may also occur with outsourcing if the vendor that was hired decides to change their management team or even adopt a strategic direction. By changing directions, the vendor might become a bad fit for the company. And, this could end up costing the company more money for any loses or having to hire some other business to get the job done more efficiently.

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    Just like any other business venture, outsourcing has its own pros and cons. IT outsourcing provides the business the chance to focus on its core competencies, reduce its costs, access advanced technology and become flexible. Outsourcing vendors may consist of consulting firms, manpower providers, individual IT professionals or CPA firms which are heavy users of IT and involved in the designing and operation of the IS of their clients.
    Companies outsource some of their jobs to save on hiring, recruitment, training and other operating costs. Also, they rely on outsourcing to fill in the gaps brought about by the lack of skills of their in-house staff. Outsourcing allows for flexibility so it can fill in the gap if the company decides to put their in-house employees on training or when they are on leave.
    Outsourcing also boasts manpower which increases a company's chance of getting potential clients who need to rely on a company that ...

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