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Job exchange program

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1. Describe how participation in a job exchange program between government and civilian corporations will help you meet your short term and long team professional goals.

2. How will participation in this job exchange program benefit your present organization?

- Speak from a first person view
- Include the following in your response, your skill set, collaboration in team environment, your experience in personnel and job diversity; how this program can benefit your personal and the organization, your job motivation and initiative.

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Question 1
Participation in a job exchange program between the government and civilian corporations will help me meet my short- and long-term professional goals specifically:
1. Teach me how to communicate with non-government personnel, which is a skill I need whether I chose to spend all my career life with the government or not. Communicating with any one is a chandelle, but more so with people in the government who are used to doing certain things in certain ...

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