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    Key terms, tests, and one or two tail of hypothesis testing

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    A. What are the key terms in a verbal hypothesis statement that signify whether you are conducting a one-tailed test or a two-tailed test?

    b. Give an example of a possible T test of hypothesis from your operation and show the Null and Alternate hypothesis for your example. Give both word.doc hypothesis statement and then the symbols for the Null and Alternate.

    c. If you use a one tail or a two tail test in this example, explain the use of the t table to find the decision rule for your example. Note in step b you are giving the hypothesis, and here in step c you are providing the decision rule. I do not ask that you show the remaining steps, but if you want to do that you can. It may be good practice for me to understand, where I am asked to show all 5 steps of the t test hypothesis.

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    1. The one tail test is always greater than or equal to. The two tail test is greater or less than or equal to.

    2. In my company the sample size is small so I would want ...

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