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Politics of Information

By "politics", we mean here the processes by which scarce resources are allocated and distributed. For example, information systems can be as simple as a spreadsheet used to keep track of a budget or as complex as a system to track battlefield information in a war zone. What is your experience(s) with some of the "Politics of Information" and how they can be used to facilitate organizational purposes? (Or in some instances, hinder them?)

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Politics of information can help or hinder an organization, depending on the circumstances and those involved in gathering said information. As comes with any information obtained is the fact that not all information is accurate or based on information that would support the policy of the organization. Since the politics of a company can influence so many angles of the organization, it is important for leaders to not let political issues interfere with the goals of the organization or distract the leaders from what the real end-results are and how they intended to achieve these goals.

Sometimes politics of information may be of benefit to the organization in a way that may increase it's internal strengths. If the company is suffering through organizational politics and ...

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The experts experience with the politics of information is provided. How they can facilitate organizational purposes are determined.