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    Operating technology in multiple countries

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    Technology has to be adapted to factors that are often contradictory. For example, three standards for color television are in use in the world:

    NTSC in the Americas (except for Brazil) and Japa
    PAL in Europe, British Conmmonwealth Countries, the Middle East and Brazil
    SECAM in France, former French colonies and eastern and central Europe

    The standards differ from each other in terms of the numbers of fields and lines in the picture. Video tapes from the NTSC, PAL and SECAM standards can not be played on the others' machines.

    Obviously, this would create problems for a movie/entertainment company.

    What other types of issues might a company face when operating in multiple countries?

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    There are many issues, some of which may include:

    Operating in different cultures- for a clothing company this may mean adapting to the styles and the traditions of that country. For example, if operating in the middle east, a company would want to make their clothes for women less revealing as to adhere to the religion of the region. In Asia ,people may not wear clothes that you would see in LA or New York for example and and a clothing company ...

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