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Sensitivity Analysis with a Profit Target

You are provided with the following data relating to gizmo division of Tumbledown plc.

Variable cost per unit = $320 for outputs up to 16,000 units
= $240 for extra outputs over 16,000 units

Fixed costs = $1,200,000

Sales during the last period were 16000 units @ $400 per unit

The directors are far from satisfied with the above position, and at their last board meeting set a profit target of $400,000 for the next period, and suggested that, in order to achieve this target, one of the following options be adopted:

(i) Reduce selling price by $20 per unit

(ii) Spend $100,000 on TV advertising, reducing the selling price to $360 per unit

(iii) Increase quality at a cost of $10 per unit and maintain the selling price at $400 per unit

(iv) Buy a new machine which will cut variable cost by $20 per unit, but would increase fixed cost by $72,000. The selling price would remain at $400 per unit


(a) Calculate the number of gizmos required to break even under present price and cost conditions. Calculate how many units would have to be sold to meet the profit target for each of the suggested options

(b) Write a brief note for the directors discussing the implications of your findings and recommending which option they should adopt. Your report should address any other important matters which should be considered in arriving at their final decision

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