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    E19-9 Carryback and Carryforward of NOL, No Valuation Acct

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    E19-9 (Carryback and Carryforward of NOL, No Valuation Account, No Temporary Differences) The
    pretax financial income (or loss) figures for Jenny Spangler Company are as follows.
    2002 $160,000
    2003 250,000
    2004 80,000
    2005 (160,000)
    2006 (380,000)
    2007 120,000
    2008 100,000
    Pretax financial income (or loss) and taxable income (loss) were the same for all years involved. Assume
    a 45% tax rate for 2002 and 2003 and a 40% tax rate for the remaining years.
    Prepare the journal entries for the years 2004 to 2008 to record income tax expense and the effects of the
    net operating loss carrybacks and carryforwards assuming Jenny Spangler Company uses the carryback
    provision. All income and losses relate to normal operations. (In recording the benefits of a loss carryforward,
    assume that no valuation account is deemed necessary.)

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    Your tutorial is in Excel (attached). Click in cells to see computations. I added a few notes to guide you in this and a table for 2006 to show you how I split the income tax refund receivable from the deferred tax asset. The journal entries are shown in column format with DR (CR) meaning that positive numbers are debits and negative numbers are credits.