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    Valuation allowance for a tax loss

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    What are some of the positive and negative evidence used to establish the need for a valuation allowance for a tax loss carryforward and what are the effects of the valuation allowance on the free cash flow forecast?

    I cant find any information on this anywhere. Please be specific with this. I need to understand it.

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    Deferred Tax Assets and the Need for a Valuation Allowance

    Deferred tax assets are the deferred tax consequences attributable to deductible temporary differences and carryforwards. After the deferred tax asset has been measured using the applicable enacted tax rate and provisions of the enacted tax law, it is then necessary to assess the need for a valuation allowance.
    A valuation allowance is needed when, based on the weight of the available evidence, it is more likely than not (a likelihood of more than 50 percent) that some portion or all of a deferred tax asset will not be realized. Realization of a deferred tax asset is dependent on whether there will be sufficient future taxable income of the appropriate character (e.g., ordinary income, capital gain income) in the period during which deductible temporary differences reverse or within the carryback and carryforward periods available under the tax law.
    Assessing the need for, or ...

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    Positive and negative evidence used to establish valuation allowance for a tax loss