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    How is cost grouping done in a health care facility?

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    How is cost grouping done in a health care facility?
    This should be a detailed answer please.

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    The question requires you to give different ways in which cost grouping is done in a health care facility. Usually a health care facility refers to a hospital but variations of these can be applied to Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Facilities and Outdoor Clinics. Besides the cost grouping is done in different ways depending on the needs of the facility. For instance if the purpose is to find out the function wise cost and control those costs then a function wise grouping is preferred.
    <br>There are several lacunae in the question. The question does not mention the location of the heath care facility, this is important because the law that is applicable will determine the cost grouping which should be used. The question also assumes that a system ...

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    How cost grouping done in a health care facility is determined.