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    Cost accounting (Managerial Emphasis)

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    USE SunRype and Welches which are provided for you as a Website Resource. Compare Sales and Net Income over the last 3 years. (Trend Analysis). Remember to compute trends in Dollars and Percentages.

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    Please find the analysis attached. The way to calculate the percentage increase is by using the formula (New - Old) / Old

    • Sun - Rype - Investors Five-Year Historical Review
    this 5-Year Historical Report shows the financial status of Sun-Ripe, an apple juice producer.

    Welch's Annual Report
    this site is a listing of the annual reports for Welch Foods Inc

    7. Trend Analysis

    • TOO
    • SunRype
    • Welch's
    The thing I am really ...

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    The solution calculates the trend in sales for SunRype and Welches.