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    Family and Medical Leave Act History and Effects

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    Provide background information on the Family and Medical Leave Act.

    • History of the Act
    • Why it was created
    • How it influenced the area of human resources and compensation
    • What the future holds for the act
    • How it affected the employer and the employee

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    • History of the Act

    The Family and Medical Leave Act has an extensive legislative history wherein the law went through 10 years of lobbying to ensure passage,and was cultivated as a result of countless stories of people losing their jobs because of their own or a family member's serious illness to which they needed to attend. The FMLA was proposed initially to ensure that women would not lose their jobs when newborns' care or other family caregiving responsibilities took them out of the workforce temporarily and to provide equal protections for women and men who were dealing with certain family circumstances or serious personal health conditions. The creators of the FMLA recognized the importance of incorporating gender neutrality into the law to provide equal protections for men as well as to stave off the opportunity for discrimination against women wherein employers would not have women's right to take leave time as an excuse not to hire or promote them. To alleviate this potential problem, the law was deliberating written to create a new minimum labor standard applicable to male and female employees equally.

    The Act faced an uphill battle from its inception as a coalition championing the law had to fight for over 10 years to bring forth the legislation that would eventually be signed into law by President Clinton in 2003. Throughout its history, support for the passage of the Act had to come from different areas including organized labor because no new ...

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    Family and Medical Leave Act's creation, purpose and history.